Green Mountain Park

Trail winding up the side of Green Mountain.
Denver skyline
Denver skyline

There are several trails meandering through the meadows that blanket this hillside, just don’t veer too far off the path. There are signs on the trail that warn you not to disturb metal items you find in the ground, because there is a potential that you will find some unexploded munitions from world war 2 times off the trails in this park. If you do find suspicious items mark the location, leave the area the same way you came in. DO NOT DISTURB THE ITEMS, CALL 911 and give them the details.

There are some spectacular views from the trails in all directions. You have the Hog back and the Front Range to the west and the Denver metro area creeping in from all other directions. While the trails are multi use in this park it is very popular with the mountain biking crowd and for good reason the trails are nice and the hills are steep but not overly

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