South Valley Park

Rocky pillar in South Valley Park.

The views within the South Valley Park are stunning, and it is easy to see why those with deep pockets have chosen to make this valley their homes. The sandstone spires that dot the trails of the park are picturesque to say the least. All of the rock spires in the park are fenced off to keep would be climbers at bay which severely distracts from the natural beauty of the area. For an aerial view of the park take the Lyons back trail, Grazing Elk trail, or head over to Deer Creek Park for great views of the whole area. The trails in the park are easy with little elevation gain, and there are paved paths for those that are looking for a great place to take their road bikes or strollers. While there are not many opportunities for a picnic in the area there is an abundance of trails. If you are looking to make some trail connections, Deer Creek and Hildebrand Ranch Parks are a very short distance away and have interconnecting access trails.

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