South Table Mesa Park

Steep climbs and rocky outcroppings overlook the downtown Golden area to the west side of the park, while the eastern portion of the trails will offer up a beautiful view of Denver.





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The trails up to the top of the mesa are generally steep on both the east and west sides of the park, but the trails on the west side (technically not in the park) will require a bit more effort to conquer.





The trails once on the top are nearly flat and offer amazing panoramic views of the Denver and Golden area.





The area is home to an abundance of wildlife including rattle snakes so be aware of your surroundings both near and far. The northern section of the parks trails are the habitat for many small birds living in the thick bushes that skirt the hill leading to the top of the mesa. Depending on the time of day you are hiking you may have the opportunity to watch some police driving activities on their training course near the southwest side of the mesa.


There is little in the way of cloud cover on all of the trails in the park, so it is a good idea to bring protection from the sun and plenty of water. If you are looking for a more vigorous workout stick to the west side with beautiful views of Golden. If you are looking for a little less strenuous hike start on the East side and enjoy the wildlife and great views of Denver on the horizon.

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