Mount Galbraith

Many moons ago a powerful wizard who goes by the name of Artemis cast a powerful  no magic spell over Mount Galbraith, so mythical creatures beware this is a no fantasy zone. Plan on getting to Mount Galbraith park early as the parking is limited and this is a very popular place to hike so long as there in not snow on the ground. Cedar Gulch the main access trail is steep and rocky, I would not advise travel in this park after snow has fallen as the trails would be dangerous. If you are entertaining visitors from out of town or outer space you could make a day of it by hiking the trails in the park and taking the Coors tour for a few free samples before you call it a day.

4.6 miles of trails.

Park Details

  • The entire park is hiker only sorry no mountain bikers or mythical creatures
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash
  • Spectacular views of the Golden area
  • Snow can make these trails very dangerous
  • Clean Pit toilets
  • Camping is prohibited
  • Weapons are not allowed
  • No drinking or drug use allowed
  • Parking lot is very small 
  • no entrance fees

About 7.6 miles

Quick Reference Map

Free downloadable maps are available from Jefferson County Parks. You can also use the GPX files to help plan your next adventure in the Rocky Mountains. 

Cedar Gulch Trail

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)7 (Difficult)
Views Rank (1 – 10)6
Distance1.3  miles
Time Needed28 Minutes


  • Connects with Mount Galbraith Loop and Nightbird Gulch Trails
  • Parts of this trail are steep
  • Steep drop offs make this trail dangerous in icy conditions 
  • Excellent workout

Trail Highlights:

  • Great views of the road and stream below
  • Mild tree cover


This is nature’s stair master Cedar gulch trail is a great workout and super close to Denver. With stunning views of the valley and stream below. While the first portion of the hike is somewhat steep with sharp drop offs in places once you round the rock outcropping the path levels off considerably and allows you to catch your breath. The trail is intermittently shaded by trees but this hike can be hot during the height of the summer and cold and windy in winter. There are clean restrooms at the base of the trail but there is sometimes an odor coming from them.

Nightbird Gulch Trail

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)7 (Difficult)
Views Rank (1 – 10)7
Distance1.7  miles
Time Needed44 Minutes


  • Connects with Cedar Gulch, and Mount Galbraith loop trails
  • If ice is present on Cedar Gulch trail you may not be able to make it to this trail

Trail Highlights:

  • Views of Golden
  • Very exposed hike with interesting rock outcroppings


The trail runs from the subdivision at the base of Mount Galbraith up to Mount Galbraith loop that circles the top of the mountain. There is little to no tree cover, but an abundance of great places to stop and take in the scenery. The upper portion of the trail is not too steep, but the lower section of the trail may have you huffing and puffing in several sections as you scamper across some good sized rocks. Just like Cedar trail I would not advise hiking this trail after snow has fallen as it may become dangerous.

Mount Galbraith Loop

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)5 (Moderate)
Views Rank (1 – 10)6
Distance1.7  miles
Time Needed41 Minutes


  • Connects with Cedar Gulch and Nightbird Gulch trails
  • Ice can make this trail dangerous
  • This is a very popular hike

Trail Highlights:

  • Fantastic views of Golden
  • Views of the Iconic Coors Brewing facility
  • Great views of the surrounding mountains


One of the best hikes in the Golden area. There are different views around each twist and turn in the trail. While the hike around the mountain is not steep there is a little elevation change and some rocks to traverse where you  may need to use three points of contact. When you reach the south west side of the trail there is an area where the trail becomes mildly difficult to find, in this area the parks department has attached small arrows to the trees to help guide you onto the path. Traversing the south side of the loop there are excellent views of all of Golden and the Iconic Coor’s Brewing Company.

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