Dedisse Park

View of Evergreen Lake

Dedisse Park Overview

A part of Denver Mountain Parks system, Dedisse Park is nearly 30 miles west of Denver a little west of Evergreen, The Park offers several shelters that you can reserve for picnics by contacting the Denver Parks and Recreation permits office. There are a lot of little trails that meet up with the Dedisse trail within the park. Good tree cover makes for lots of shady spots to kick back and relax in the mountains; the hard part will be picking the bench you want to take in the views from.

3.6 Miles of Trails

Dedisse Park Details:

  • Dogs are allowed but must be leashed.
  • Hikers allowed
  • Mountain Bikers Allowed
  • Centaurs Equestrians
  • Climbing
  • No camping allowed in the parks
  • Park entrance is one hour before sunrise
  • Park closure is one hour after sunset
  • No hunting or firearms allowed
  • No Entrance fees

Emergency contacts:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s office @ (303) 277-0211

If the event is life threatening dial 911

Evergreen Parks and Recreation @ (720) 880-1021 (7AM-7PM)

Denver Parks & Recreation Permit Office @ (720) 913-0700

Quick Reference Park Map

Dedisse Trail

Difficulty Rank6 (Moderate)
Views Rank6
Distance Rank2.3 Miles
Time NeededAbout 1 Hour

Dedisse Trail Details:

  • Connecting trails: Evergreen Lake Trail and Hidden Fawn Trail
  • Within Dedisse park parts of the trail are not marked well and there are many small paths
  • Good picnic shelters along the trail in Dedisse Park
  • Decent elevation change
  • Partially treed
  • Closest parking area: Lower lot off of Highway 74 as you enter the park

Trailhead directions: Right off of the road in several places.

Dedisse Trail Highlights:

  • Views of Evergreen Lake
  • Views of Upper Bear Creek
  • Creek Crossings via bridges
  • OneSunChasers favorite trail in this park

Dedisse Trail Review:

This is my second favorite of the Denver Mountain Parks hike within this guide. There is a good amount of elevation change and a lot of switchbacks to take you down or up depending on your direction of travel, so the trek is not too steep anywhere along the path. The trail is fairly well marked aside from all the little trails near Upper Bear Creek and on the north side of Upper Bear Creek Road. Along the way there are great views of the valley Evergreen High school sits in as well as views of Evergreen Lake and the golf course. There is a fair amount of tree cover, but there is also a long stretch where you will be exposed to the elements so dress appropriate for the weather and wear something to protect you from the sun.

Evergreen Lake Trail

View of Evergreen Lake
View of Evergreen Lake
Difficulty Rank2 (Easy)
Views Rank5
Distance Rank1.3 Miles
Time NeededAbout 25 Minutes

Evergreen Lake Trail Details:

  • Connecting trail: Dedisse Trail
  • Slight elevation change
  • Very little tree cover
  • Closest parking area: Evergreen lake parking lot

Trailhead directions: Start by boat ramp either R or L

Evergreen Lake Trail Highlights:

  • Lake views
  • Mountain Views
  • Close to great places to eat in Evergreen

Evergreen Lake Trail Review:

Evergreen lake trail circumnavigates the entirety of Evergreen Lake, and while this is more of a walk than a hike, I feel that the connection the trail makes to Alderfer/Three Sisters Park warrants its inclusion in the guide. The south side of the path is quite, while the northern side skirts Highway 74 and can be a bit on the loud side. Near the east side where Evergreen Lake flows back into bear creek again there is a great little place to hang out and explore. The western side of the path is a beautiful wetlands area that is teeming with birds in spring and summer.

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