Flying J Ranch Park

Bench along raised walkway in Flying J Ranch Park.


Flying J Ranch park is so close to Denver and so far away from it all. The Park is an excellent place to take the family for a peaceful outing into nature. The main trail Shadow Pine loop is an easy trail that leads you through a dense lodge pole pine forest and back to a beautiful wetlands area. If you are not looking to do the whole 3 miles of the trail there is a service road that intersects the trail so you can cut a considerable portion of the distance of the trail off. The picnic areas are very clean and many are handicap accessible. Plenty of parking is available and an opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife exists within the park.

4.7 Miles of Trails

Park Details:

  • Dogs are allowed on a leash
  • Hikers on all trails
  • Mountain Bikers on all trails
  • Centaurs Equestrians on all trails
  • There are clean very nice restrooms near the picnic area that emit zero odors. (Flush toilets)
  • Picnic areas are handicap accessible
  • All of the trails are well marked and easy to follow.
  • No camping allowed in the park
  • Park hours are one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset
  • No hunting or firearms allowed
  • There are ample picnic areas
  • No Entrance fees

Emergency contacts:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s office @ (303) 277-0211

If the event is life threatening dial: 911

Quick Reference Map

Static versions of the park map can be downloaded to your phone from Flying J Ranch Park.

You are also free to use our free GPX files to help plan your trip.

Shadow Pine Loop

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)3 (Easy)
Views Rank (1 – 10)4
Distance2.9 miles
Time NeededAbout 1 Hour


  • Connecting trail: Junction House trail
  • Gradual elevation changes
  • Part of the trail enters into Denver Mountain parks area.
  • Slight elevation changes
  • Mostly forest hiking
  • Closest parking area: Flying J Ranch parking area

Trailhead directions: Trail starts at the parking lot

Trail Highlights:

  • Thick lodge pole pine forest
  • Great meadow views
  • Great wetland views


Shadow Pine loop is an easy trail with a lot of great natural views along the way. Whether it’s hiking past the beautiful meadows or through the closely packed lodge pole pines there’s something special throughout the entire trail.  Near the middle of the trail there is a small wetlands area with a wooden pathway that makes for an ideal spot to rest on a bench and listen to the birds sing. This path is quite popular with the locals and you may see bear or elk depending on the time of year that you are visiting the park. If you need to head back sooner than anticipated there is a service road that can be taken at the halfway point back to the parking area.

Junction House Trail

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)3 (Easy)
Views Rank (1 – 10)4
Distance0.6 miles
Time NeededAbout 15 Minutes


  • Connecting trail: Shadow Pine Loop trail
  • Small parking area that located outside and to the south of the main park entrance
  • Little elevation change
  • Most of the trail is exposed
  • Closest parking area: Flying J Ranch parking area

Trailhead directions: Trail starts at the parking lot and leads to a parking area outside the park.

Trail Highlights:

  • Meadow trail
  • OneSunChasers favorite trail in this park


This is used mainly as an access trail to get to the Shadow Pine Loop trail in the park itself. This trail starts at a little parking area just outside the park, which is excellent if the parking lot is full. The trail allows you to slow down and watch the traffic pass by at a safe distance and hike alongside Turkey Creek for a short while before swinging west to join Shadow Pine loop.

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