Red Rocks Park

Red Rocks from Red Rocks Trading post trail.


Red Rocks Park is most notably known for being one of the greatest outdoor amphitheaters but the park also hosts many great hiking trails. The views in the park are always great, even in the winter when everything is dead and brown, although the stark contrasts between the red rocks and green foliage of spring are not to be missed. The trails within Red Rocks Park are easy and beautiful, aside from the Mount Morrison trail which is difficult, but retains the stunning views. One of the great features of the park is that you can easily connect to trails in nearby Matthew Winters Park for some great long treks with amazing views. If you are planning on hiking trails within the park during the spring and summer months be sure to check when the nightly show will start so you can be out of the park well before the party starts.

Park Details:

  • Dogs are allowed but must be leashed.
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking on most trails
  • Centaurs err…. Equestrians
  • Climbing
  • Picnicking
  • There are clean restrooms at both parking lots that emit zero odor.
  • All of the trails are well marked and easy to follow.
  • Park hours are one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset
  • Camping is not allowed in the park
  • Hunting or firearms are not allowed
  • No Entrance fees

Emergency contacts:

Jefferson County Sheriff’s office @ (303) 277-0211

If the event is life threatening dial: 911

Quick Reference Map

A static copy of the parks trail map can be downloaded to your phone from Denver Mountain Parks

Mount Morrison

View from Mount Morrison Trail
View from Mount Morrison Trail
Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)10 (Hard)
Views Rank (1 – 10)6
Distance3.2 miles
Time NeededAbout 1 Hour 45 Minute


  • No other connecting trails
  • No parking lot just shoulder parking
  • Out and back hike
  • Exposed hiking minimal tree cover
  • Very steep hike that will require multiple points of contact at times
  • Closest parking area: Drive through Morrison and head towards Evergreen. There is street parking as you enter entrance 4 for red rocks park (Titans Road)

Trailhead directions: Trail is right off the road

Trail Highlights:

  • Magnificent close up views of Red Rocks
  • Vista of the Red Rocks Valley
  • Fantastic views


If you are looking for a great workout with an equally amazing view Mount Morrison trial will not leave you disappointed. Mount Morrison is a difficult trail to say the least, expect to use your hands when you start to get near the summit. Some special considerations for this hike aside from your physical shape would be sunscreen as there is little in the way of tree cover, adequate tread on your shoes or boots, and plenty of water preferable in a wearable bladder so your hands are free. The best part of this hike is you will never be without a great view while you are stopping to catch your breath.

Mount Vernon Trail

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)3 (Easy)
Views Rank (1 – 10)6
Distance0.9 miles
Time NeededAbout 20 minutes


  • Connecting Trail: Will Call Trail
  • Parking is limited at the parking area near entrance 2
  • Out and back hike
  • Exposed hiking minimal tree cover
  • Gentle elevation changes
  • Closest parking area: At the beginning of Red Rocks entrance 2 or Lower south lot 2

Trailhead directions: Trail is right off the road

Trail Highlights:

  • Magnificent close up views of Red Rocks


Mount Vernon trail leads from the entrance 2 through a meadow and up a gully to the lower south lot 2 which is a very large parking area. There is plenty to see along the way as the towering rock walls that make up Red Rocks Amphitheater persistently loom in front of you. There is little in the way of tree cover but the hike is short and easy with the types of views that will make everyone happy.

Red Rocks Trail

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)4 (Easy)
Views Rank (1 – 10)7
Distance 3.5 miles
Time NeededAbout 1 Hour 13 Minutes
Red Rocks trail connects to Morrison Slide trail looking at Red Rocks Park.
Morrison Slide trail views


  • Connecting trails: Dakota ridge trail, Morrison Slide trail, Cherry Gulch, and Village Walk trails (Must cross 93 to connect with Dakota ridge trail.)
  • Out and Back starting at either the Matthew winters park entrance via the Village Walk Trail, or near Red Rock Parks Rd.
  • Very popular trail
  • Easy trail
  • Mild elevation change
  • Very little tree cover
  • Closest parking area: Dakota Ridge Parking off Red Rock Parks Rd. at entrance

Trailhead directions: Trail starts on Red Rock Parks Rd.

Trail Highlights:

  • Views of Red Rocks


Red Rocks is an easy trail open to hikers, mountain bikers, leashed dogs, and Centaurs…. Err equestrians. The trail is easy to hike the entire length and is very popular with the local population. Most people hiking this trail will also hike the Village Walk trail and sometime take a small detour on to the Cherry Gulch trail which helps to shorten the trail if you are running short on time.

Red Rocks Trading Post Trail

Difficulty Rank (1 – 10)2 (Easy)
Views Rank (1 – 10)3
Distance1.5 miles
Time NeededAbout 30 Minutes


  • No other connecting trails
  • Very busy trail
  • Small elevation changes
  • Little tree cover/shade
  • Closest parking area: There is a parking area across the street from the amphitheater.

Trailhead directions: Starts and ends at the parking lot

Trail Highlights:

  • Fantastic views of Red Rocks
  • Great hike for all skill levels
  • Close to Denver


This trail has just about everything going for it if you are looking for a nice easy hike that is close to Denver, while serving up great views for the entire hike. Be prepared to hike with lots of people because this trail is popular for all of the reasons that are listed above but don’t let the crowds stop you, there are plenty of places to jump aside and just marvel at the beauty of the area.

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