Hall Ranch

Beautiful Rocky Mountains

All along the Front Range you will find amazing parks to hike, picnic, mountain bike and horse ride in, and Hall Ranch is no exception. The 11.8 miles of trails are demanding at times, but suitable for most skill and endurance levels. The views from the trail will inspire you to adventure further into the mountains and experience the wonders of the Rocky Mountains.  The main parking area of the park is large, with several restrooms and great covered picnic areas, but keep in mind this park can easily fill up in the summer months. 

Wildflowers and Rocky Mountains
Wildflowers and Rocky Mountains

11.8 miles of trails on this guide

Park Details:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking on some trails
  • Centaurs Equestrians on most trails
  • Dogs are not allowed in this park
  • Open Sunrise to Sunset
  • Picnicking
  • Hunting is not permitted
  • Weapons are prohibited
  • Camping is not allowed
  • Drinking or drug use are not allowed
  • No entrance fees

Emergency contacts:

Boulder County Ranger District @ (303) 541-2500

Boulder Parks and Open Spaces @ (303) 678-6200

If the event is life threatening dial 911

Quick Reference Map

Free downloadable maps are available from Boulder County  .You can also use the GPX files to help plan your next adventure in the Rocky Mountains. 

Nighthawk Trail:

Difficulty Rank6 (Moderate)
Views Rank8
Distance Rank4.7 Miles
Time Needed180 Minutes


  • Connecting trails: Bitterbrush trail, Button Rock trail, Nelson loop
  • Mostly exposed hiking
  • Centaur Equestrian and Hiker only

Trailhead: Starts at the parking area

Trail Highlights:

  • Grand views of the northern Front Range
  • Great views of red rock mesa near the parking area
  • Very beautiful area


The views all along this trail seem to go from great to outstanding the further along this trail you hike. The trail starts out relatively flat and begins a steady 1200 plus foot climb as you walk past endless natural beauty. There is not a lot in the way of tree cover along the trail so come prepared for the sun. It is worth keeping in mind that if combined with bitterbrush trail you are looking at a solid eight and a half plus mile hike, and if you run this trail out and back you are looking at a good nine plus miles of pure hiking enjoyment..

Nelson Loop Trail

Rocky Mountain Farm house in Hall Ranch
Rocky Mountain Farm house
Difficulty Rank4 (Easy)
Views Rank7
Distance Rank2.4 Miles
Time Needed1 Hour


  • Connecting Trails:Nighthawk and Bitterbrush trails
  • Fairly flat hike
  • Partially treed

Trailhead:S-Nighthawk or Bitterbrush trail | R or L – Nelson Loop

Trail Highlights:

  • Old farm buildings
  • Very nice wooden bridge


There is a very cool old farm house along the trail abandoned by the habitation of man for some time now. The trail has little in the way of elevation change and little tree cover. From the looks of the trail combined with my ability to look into the nether, I would say that a band of fairies have been collecting the dead fall from the trees and gathering them up to build their homes from. This is most likely reason for the areas intense beauty and continual sense of euphoria while hiking in the area.  

Bitterbrush Trail

Difficulty Rank6 (Moderate)
Views Rank5
Distance Rank3.7 Miles
Time Needed80 Minutes


  • Connecting trails: Antelope trail, Nelson Loop, and Nighthawk trail
  • Mostly exposed hiking
  • Steep in places
  • Very rocky in places
  • Would be a technical ride

Trailhead: Starts at the parking area

Trail Highlights:

  • Great views


While there are some great views along the trail, the first portion of the trail is slightly easier on the eyes. The trail starts from the very nice parking and picnicking area and swings out around the towering mesa to the north. When you reach the junction with Antelope trail there is a nice bike station that should help you take care of any bike related issues you may have developed along the trail. The hike is steep in places, but the trail is easy to follow and is well marked.

Antelope Trail

Beautiful Mountain View on Antelope Canyon Trail in Hall Ranch
Beautiful Mountain View on Antelope Canyon Trail
Difficulty Rank5 (Moderate)
Views Rank7
Distance Rank1.0 Miles
Time Needed22 Minutes


  • Connecting trail: Bitterbrush trail
  • Mostly exposed hike

Trailhead: Starts at parking area of Antelope Dr.

Trail Highlights:

  • Great Mountain and valley views


This trail is best hiked in from the small parking area off of Antelope Dr. The trail is short and exposed almost the entire way, but if you are hiking in the earlier part of the day the large mesa to the south of the trail will likely diffuse most of the sunlight. There is a rather nice bike station at the trail junction with bitterbrush trail and a bench to take a rest before you start the rest of your trek into the park. This trail is a great option if you are looking to jump on Nelson Loop and see the old farmhouse, but don’t have the time to take one of the longer hikes in.

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