Bald Mountain

Looking toward Boulder Colorado from Bald Mountain Park


Bald Mountain is a fitting name for this little park perched on the top of a mountain, as the peak is nearly bare of trees. The winding drive up the mountain side makes for a great drive and the trail offers the perfect place to stretch your legs. After hiking the one trail in this park the best thing to do is enjoy a picnic on one of the lovely picnic areas. This park is very close to Boulder, however you should not find it to be overly crowded. 

1 Mile of Trail

Park Details:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Centaurs Equestrians
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash
  • Open Sunrise to Sunset
  • Picnicking
  • Hunting is not allowed
  • Weapons are not forbidden
  • Camping is not permitted
  • Drinking or drug use is not allowed
  • No entrance fees

Emergency contacts:

Boulder County Ranger District @ (303) 541-2500

Boulder Parks and Open Space @ (303) 678-6200

If the event is life threatening dial 911

Quick Reference Map:

Free downloadable maps are available from Boulder County Parks. You can also use the GPX files to help plan your next adventure in the Rocky Mountains. 

View from Bald Mountain near Boulder Colorado
View from Bald Mountain

Pines to Peak Loop

Difficulty Rank5 (Moderate)
Views Rank7
Distance Rank1 Mile
Time Needed25 Minutes


  • Connecting trails: This is the only trail in the park
  • Moderately steep
  • Can be very windy

Trailhead:Starts at the parking lot

Trail Highlights:

  • Views of the mountains all around
  • Views of Boulder


Being only one mile and somewhat of a drive to get to you may be tempted to skip this little trail and wee park. I would caution you not to miss out on this trail, perhaps you can bring along a lunch and have a lovely little hike and a picnic at one of the many table very near the parking lot. The trail is not too difficult at any spot on the trail, but does have a decent climb in a few spots. A large portion of the park and surrounding area was burnt in a fire. The remaining house on the mountains adjacent to the park stand out. From the top you can see for miles into the distant peaks and valleys, and right down on Boulder below to the east. It is truly worth the time it takes to drive up here.

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