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Idaho Free camping Image of Saint Maries River in Idaho

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.

-Albert Einstein

Over 140 free campsites in Idaho

Escaping to a remote campground or campsite is what Idaho Free Camping is all about. Early Native Americans settled in Idaho more than 14,000 years ago and it’s not difficult to see why. With a mild climate in the West and plenty of rugged unspoiled landscape, the area has captivated the mind and hearts of man for countless generations. Much has changed in the region over the years, but visitors to the area are blessed with huge stretches of wilderness area capable of taking them back in time. Idaho Free Camping guide covers free camping opportunities across Idaho and will help you keep travel costs down and get you out and enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Idaho Free Camping will help you quickly and easily locate free campgrounds, free campsites, or the best dispersed camping opportunities.

The best part is all important details will remain available even if you do not have an internet connection!

Details Include

  • Links to all Public sites
  • Contact Numbers
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Site elevation
  • Where the closest groceries and gas are locate
  • Details specific to the site

The content in this guide is optimized for use on a phone or similar mobile device making it easy to travel with and difficult to forget at home

  • 129 National Forest
  • 3 National Forest Boat-in sites
  • 12 BLM sites

All important details will remain available even if you do not have an internet connection! Supporting website links and maps require an internet connection to access.

Perfect for weekend Camping, Backcountry adventure, RVing, Tent Camping, Van dwelling, and Nomadic living.

Idaho Free Camping Map:

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The enjoyment of nature is a blessing that is intended to be enjoyed by all. There is vast beauty in the world crafted into nature in the most spectacular ways. When developing this and all the other free camping guides we are aiming to keep the information simple and easy to use.  Affordable to everyone and in a format that is convenient and consistent. Whether you are looking for camping information for one state or multiple states, we have a guide to suit your individual needs. Check out  other free camping guides and explore all the Northwest has to offer.

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